Lululemon Franchise Opportunity: Cost, Process & Profit

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Do you love yoga wear and are interested in opening a Lululemon franchise? If YES, here is all the information you require to get started today.

The growing acceptance of yoga among teenagers has led to the emergence of the Lululemon brand. Teenagers love to use their shirts, shorts, pants, and yoga wear while Hollywood stars like Jennifer Aniston and Kylie Jenner are influenced by its gear.

That is its popularity both among ordinary people and Hollywood stars. Lululemon is an athleisure clothing manufacturer with origin in Canada. The company makes and sells a wide yoga-inspired clothing assortment in Canada and other countries.

The rise of lululemon is often attributed to the participation of more females in sports activities and their growing belief in yoga exercise.

The company is best known for making clothing that resists wear and tear and also provides comfort to the customer at the same time while using high-quality fabrics.

Read on to explore all the updated information including history, company profile, and franchise opportunities provided by the Lululemon brand.

It was in 1998 when Chip Wilson founded Lululemon Athletica and the place where he established it is Vancouver city of Canada.

While the company initially began as a design studio during the day and a yoga studio during the night, it eventually ended up as a standalone store and in 2001, Lululemon started selling yoga wear.

Near around 100 stores are currently owned and operated by Lululemon, 40 are located in Canada itself, 38 in the United States of America, and probably eight in Australia.

There is no doubt that opening a Lululemon franchise could turn your love for yoga wear into profits. But the problem is that Lululemon does not franchise at all at the present moment of time.

There could possibly be other reasons however what is known is that the company practices a corporate store strategy to expand its business.

The company even has its own official website where you on your own can verify whether Lululemon offers franchise opportunities or not.

Brand NameLululemon Athletica
Number of Locations 100
Founder Chip Wilson
Year of Foundation 1998
Franchise Not provided