Zara Franchise Opportunity: Cost, Process & Profit

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If, as a fashion trends follower, you want to make the lives of others graceful by opening a fashion franchise, Zara is one of the many best options available to you.

Zara, owned and operated by Inditex of Spain, has all the reasons for being a popular and successful fashion brand in the world.

It is loved by most fashion forwarded men and women shoppers for selling quality clothing relatively at reasonable prices and implementing great customer-oriented policies.

In addition to delivering speedy customer services, locating strategically stores at places where they don’t go unnoticed by the public has added much to the success of Zara.

The other surprising reason, which you would less likely find in other like businesses, is that Zara doesn’t spend too much money on advertisements since there is already a sufficient level of public awareness about the brand.

Anyway, here we have provided information on the company profile you may want to know, startup costs& fees aspiring candidates like you are expected to have while you approach Zara for opening its franchise.







Company background

Knowing the background of a company is key to making a successful investment decision.

It was back in 1975 when Amancio Ortega(the 2nd richest man in the world) and Rosalía Mera laid the foundation of a first fashion store Zobra, which is now Zara, at Galicia, a historically popular place located in the western corner of Spain.

Zara, these days, operates as many as 4000 fashion stores in nearly 90 countries including India where it has 20 stores, the United States where it has 52 stores, and many more in other countries.

Franchise cost

You can’t buy even a block of soap for free. Likewise, you can’t own a franchise without an investment.

While the investment required won’t be the same in all countries, an average startup expenditure that you need for opening the Zara franchise sums around $80,000.

The amount goes for equipment, fixtures, and furniture. Keep in mind that Zara doesn’t enter into a direct franchise agreement in many countries including India.

Franchise fees

In addition to the initial investment figures amounting to $80,000, you will be paying around 5-10% of royalty while as 0.3% for advertising fees.

There are many other requirements including an ideal location for setup, agreement, etc the company wants you to have before you are granted the Zara franchise.

Just feel free to contact the company for further details. They will happily address your queries.

Expenditure Overview

Equipment, fixtures, & furniture


Royalty fee


Advertising fees