Inspiring Success Story of Richa Kar Zivame

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Buying undergarments and nightwear from male-run fashion shops is an awkward and embarrassing experience for most women in our country. It is something a tough deal for our women as we live in a society where religious customs and moral principles are valued higher than wealth.

Richa Kar, a Jamshedpur, Jharkhand born young lady decided to help women in India avoid that disrespectful moment when she launched Zivame in the month of July 2011 at Bangalore, Karnataka.

Reason Richa launches Zivame

Richa got the idea of Zivame during her tenure with a popular American lingerie retailer named Victoria’s Secret. She was shocked to see that the company’s lingerie sales would skyrocket in overseas markets and at the same time was disturbed to find depressing results in our Indian market.

She decided to study and know the underlying cause and found that most Indian women would more often than not send their husbands to buy them undergarments rather than go themselves to shops as they feel embarrassing talking about underwear products with male salesmen.

She decided to launch Zivame in order to create a hope where women in India would buy lingerie of their choice without dying of embarrassment. Zivame empowered them to avoid an abashed moment of time as they no more need to express their undergarment needs to a male shopkeeper and neither put an extra burden on the shoulders of their husbands.

The initial years for Richa were tough as people would make fun of her of business and no one was ready to give her a room for rent. People who used to disrespect her around are nowhere but Richa Kar is an owner of a million-dollar worth company.

Work experience

While Richa always wanted to start her own business, she didn’t know where to live her dream. Her rich work experience started back in 2002 when she joined an American software development company named Intergraph where she worked as a software analyst.

She didn’t stay long with the company as in 2004 joined iFlex Solutions where she took associate consultant job and in 2007 was hired as a brand communication manager and later promoted to area manager by Spencer’s Retail but her tenure with the company lasted for just 2 year and 11 months. Richa then worked as a retail business consultant for SAP and her tenure duration was 1 year 4 months.

Richa Kar biography

It was 17th July 1980 when Richa was born to a typical Indian family in Jamshedpur city of Jharkhand. She was brought up by her father who worked with Tata Steel and homemaker mother who didn’t like her idea of lingerie business. She was schooled at Jamshedpur and did her graduation in civil engineering from Bits Pilani followed by an MBA degree from NMIMS.