5 Popular Small Business ideas in Afghanistan

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The economy of Afghanistan was shattered to dust as a result of the war between the Taliban and the United States. Almost all economic sectors and activities of the country have been destroyed.

The nation direly needs rebuilding and that is very much possible if its natives take up entrepreneurship in their hands. Here are some best business ideas to help rebuild Afghanistan’s economy and the welfare of citizens.

Infrastructure development

Infrastructure development is the need of the hour for Afghanistan and its people as roads, bridges, electricity plants were destroyed. You can bring back happiness to your country’s citizens by starting an infrastructure development business.

There are various attractive niches you can work on – water, electricity, sewage, road development, communications, etc.

Construction materials

Constructions works are also much needed by Afghani people as they lost their homes and other dwellings during the war with the United States. You can help your natives build their homes, shops, commercial buildings, etc. once again by selling construction materials – cement, sand, bricks, and other stuff.    

Agriculture business

If there is any sector of Afghanistan’s economy that gave its people hope of living during wars, it is agriculture. You can use the land for growing a variety of cereals, crops, pulses, etc.

You can not only produce for your own subsistence but also for people without lands living in cities and town areas.

Transport business

Afghanistan is way too behind in transportation. The country needs to build railway tracks and roads. A good transport facility is absent unlike in other countries. New and advanced models of carriers have to be introduced in Afghanistan to help natives to gain access to comfortable transportation services.

Restaurant business

While most natives make food, there are city people who aren’t habitual of making food on their own. Those are the people restaurants are working day in and day out. You need to be a good cook who prepares delicious local meals that suits the stomach of natives.