Small Business Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

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Do you want to know what are the most popular small business blogs where you can make your contribution? If Yes, you have found the right topic.

Well, prior to sending guest posts for publication on third party blogs, you must give due consideration to the authority and popularity of those blogs. That means, more popular those blogs are in terms of search engine results and social media, more it is worth for aspiring guest bloggers like you to write for them.

In addition, you must also make sure to pitch your topic titles in a compelling way so that the owners or point of contacts of those blogs feel that you have the potential to share real value with their audience.

Here are 5 top best and most popular small business blogs that accept guest columns.


With 90 domain authority and a page-rank of 7 according to Moz, is one of pioneer and highly respected online business publications that has always been open for guest columns.

Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to become a contributor to Entrepreneur due to its grave, demanding requirements. However, if you get a chance, your image’s growth and your website will touch skies.

Aspiring contributors can not send articles containing generic information, meaning something that has been read too often should be sharing actionable advice.

The typical length of your topic should not be less than 700 words and more than 1200 words. For more information, read the contributor guidelines of


Having domain authority of 92, is another old business publication that accepts guest contributions. Your website can attain higher rankings in search engines even if it reaches a single link from

Unlike, contributor guidelines of Forbes aren’t so rigid. You can earn a spot on Forbes provided your write with a compelling copy of content with word length falling between 850-1000 and off-course should be original. Check out the guest post guidelines of Forbes.

3. Fast Company

Fast Company has 92 domain authority. Fast Company accepts articles uniquely written around technology, business, and design, but the publication is very selective when reviewing and publishing guest contributions.

Make sure your topic contains 600-900 words. Read the guidelines for submitting your guest post-Fast Company publication.

4. Venture Beat

Venture Beat’s domain authority as per Moz is 90, hence another great place to showcase your work portfolio. Venture Beat loves a relationship with writers who can write about emerging technologies, tech innovation, entrepreneurship etc.

The word count of your topic must be in between 600-1200 words. Have a look at the requirements of guest authors who wish to write for Venture Beat.

5. Business 2 Community

Business 2 Community has a domain authority of 82. The great thing about publishing on Business 2 Community is that you can insert as many links as you would love to; however, relevancy matters like other publications. Business 2 community is very much against plagiarism, even if you use ideas of someone else.

Make sure you write your article the unique way and contain ideas that belong to you only. Just check the guidelines of Business 2 Community about the guest contributors.

Get your small business blog added here for an affordable fee. Make sure to attach a unique piece of description, and your main domain and guest post page URLs.