Sheetz Franchise Opportunity: Cost, Process & Profit

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Do you want to know how to open a Sheetz franchise? If Yes, here is the right place where our SDT staff will assure you to find complete information. Let’s get started with learning about Sheetz’s history.

Sheetz Incorporation is an Altoona {a city in Pennsylvania, United States} headquartered company active in operating a number of business chains including gas stations, fast food, convenience stores, and coffee shops. Its wide product assortment features alcohol, coffee, fast food, groceries, household goods, and gasoline fuel. The name ” Sheetz ” was given by its founder Bob Sheetz after he established it back in the year 1952.

Bob after nine years of company’s foundation gave a part-time job to his brother Steve. Both brothers in 1963 opened their second store named “Sheetz Kwik Shopper” and after a gap of four years {exactly in 1968}they added the third store. Their hunger for a business expansion increased year on year as by 1972 they had established 14 stores and in 1983 they set a record of opening 100 stores at many locations. However, the real founder of Sheetz Bob left the responsibility of running the company on the shoulders of his brother Steve after taking the retirement. Steve took charge as a president after his brother Bob retired from the company.

The current position of the Sheetz company in the market is so strong that it owns and operates more than 600 outlets across six states of the United States. All those cities where you find the company’s stores active in customer services include West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina. The company employs more than 20000 people and its revenue grew to $7.5 billion by the end of 2019.

Sheetz franchise is one of the best franchises you would want to open in your city. However, there is no opportunity for you to avail as Sheetz has denied providing so to its aspirants through its official website where you will find a statement denying to sell a franchise. That means you can’t buy the right to use the brand name of the company. The company remains a family-owned and probably might carry with it in the future.