Redbox Franchise Opportunity: Cost, Process & Profit

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Do you want to open a Redbox franchise? If Yes, you should read our article to help you explore all the important information including the company profile and franchise opportunities.

Redbox, an American based company, rents a collection of different entertainment stuff such as DVD, Bluray, and video games through automated kiosk machines.

Founded by Gregg Kaplan in 2002, Redbox retail kiosks can easily be found operational near restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, and even adjacent to medical stores.

Redbox, in the beginning, used to stock and sell a number of grocery products that include milk, eggs, and sandwiches concurrently with DVD-rentals.

However, one year later, the company’s founder Gregg Kaplan discontinued the use of grocery items and the entire focus was put on using red-colored kiosks for DVD rentals based on the sales success the company attained in the latter product category.

Redbox has over 40,000 in number automated kiosks installed at over 30,000 locations across the country. The company back in 2010 decided to diversify into Blue-ray movies, renting the product at around 13000 kiosks countrywide.

Next year that is in 2011, Redbox, began to offer video game rentals following the successful testing of products at several locations.

While Redbox still derives major business from physical offerings, on-demand streaming services have helped the company boost its presence in the country.

This newly launched service by the company enables its customers to watch movies and TV shows on their smartphones, tablets regardless of their location.

While no one is able to buy a Redbox franchise, you can get a Redbox kiosk machine on the condition your proposed location should be receiving around 15000 customers weekly. Less than that number simply means no Redbox kiosk.

Indeed, requesting a Redbox kiosk is simple and for that, you need to open the website of Redbox ( ). Scroll down to the footer section of the company’s website.

Right under the ” About us ” section, you will find ” Request a Kiosk”. Clicking it will route you to a page where details like name, company, email, address, city, zip code, weekly transactions, etc are to be filled by you. Thanks.