The recycling industry is growing big as mankind is learning how dangerous waste is for health and the environment. All consumables we use in our lives are bound to become waste at some time but not all waste loses their economic value. Some good examples of waste or trash we can sell for profit include paper, electronics, wood, plastic, and rubber.

By starting a recycling business, you aren’t just making profit but also playing your part in the preservation of life and the environment on earth. Here are 10 recycling business ideas you can start to turn the dangerous trash into cash. 

Appliance recycling

It isn’t surprising to find most households in the world using appliances like blenders, heating and ventilation systems, dishwashers, and fans. When these household gadgets become non-usable, people naturally tend to store them in their backyard for sale. You could come in to buy and collect these disposed of recyclables and later sell it for profit to your recycling collection centers. A carrier to transport and one or two labors are all required to get you started with an appliance recycling business.

Aluminum recycling

Aluminum metal has grown in use for beverage cans, foils, and baking trays over time and so does energy requirements which are not good for us. We could save a lot {95%} energy while using recyclables over-harvesting fresh reservoirs. It is to note here that unlike other waste forms, aluminum recycling ensures us little waste. You can sell these discarded metal pieces for some good income while collecting them from shops, households, and construction sites.

Auto parts recycling

Automobiles that are no more compatible with driving on roads need to be recycled. Buy starting an auto parts recycling business, you will be buying old and used automobiles, dismantling them in your backyard, and culling out useful parts for auto repair shops while non-useful for recycling plants.

Paper recycling

All discarded paper whether newspapers, cardboards, and other types can be brought into an original and useable form by recycling. The good thing about starting a paper recycling business is great profits as the involved production costs are very much less compared to the paper made fresh. Two great things you are to achieve in paper recycling is profit and conservation of trees harvested for fresh paper. Discarded paper is easily available in landfills, households, and commercial spaces. To get you started, all you need is equipment for collection, bags for storage, and a vehicle for transportation of paper to your recycling firms.

5. Copper recycling 

Copper, unlike other metals, does not lose much monetary value. Even after years of time, discarded copper is worth nearly 90% of the cost of freshly made copper. Collect copper materials like wires, electric motors, pots, door nobs etc in your own home and in the homes of your community and later sell to dealers.

6. Computer Recycling 

There are many useful components such as CD drives, processors, hard disks etc you can remove out from discarded computers with simple hand tools and then sell them to computer repair technicians or you can even sell them online.

7. Cartridge Recycling

You can also offer inkjet and toner refilling services to printing shops, companies etc and make your cash. However, you need to have good know-how about replenishing the ink into the cartridge, some basic tools, and a vehicle.

8. Electronics Recycling

Electronics recycling is the most profitably rewarding choice for aspiring entrepreneurs these days and even will be in the future. After all, these materials(mobile phones, computers, laptops) fill every single space whether in our homes, offices, factories etc and day by day their volume is continuously increasing.

9. Diaper Recycling 

If you think diapers that we and you throw away carelessly can’t be used again, you are wrong. In fact, these diapers can be washed and cleaned and later reused. Therefore, if you do not mind cleaning these dirty nappies, then you might consider offering diaper cleaning services to your local parents.

10. Construction Waste Recycling

Embrace the construction waste recycling business to collect and resell the leftover materials such as scraps, hardwood, waste metals etc.