Rahul Bajaj Biography

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Rahul Bajaj is the name of a well-known businessman in India. He is the chairperson of Bajaj Group of Industries which is said to be one of the top10 business houses of India.

The Bajaj Group of  Industries are into many different fields like automobiles, lighting insurance, finance, home appliances, iron and steel, and travel.

Rahul Bajaj is one of the eminent businessmen of India and is also respected nationally as well as internationally for his expertise in the business. His main company is Bajaj Auto. 

He is the recipient of many awards and honors. It was in 2002 that he was given Padma Bhushan. He was ranked as the 20th richest man of India in a poll conducted by Forbes India.

Rahul Bajaj has done his schooling as well as graduation from Harvard, St. Stephens’s, and Cathedral.  The Bajaj Group of a company was taken over by him in 1965.

It is only because of his leadership that the proceeds of Bajaj Auto have gone up to forty-six billion rupees from seventy-two million rupees.

During the complex days of license and permit, it was RAhaul Bajaj who formed one of the best companies of India.

By the 1980s the name of the scooter producer who topped in India was Bajaj Auto and as everyone wanted to buy its brand Chetak there was awaiting for ten years period.

When liberalization was initiated in India it brought with it many challenges for the Bajaj Group. There were chances that liberalization would give way to imports that would be cheap and FDI from big companies.

Mr. Bajaj was against liberalization and due to this, the sales of the scooter dropped sharply as people now went for motorcycles which were made by Hero Honda.

When the stock market collapsed in 2001 and the recession hit the country it was a blow for the company and people said that Bajaj Auto would not be heard of anymore.

But Bajaj Auto proved everybody wrong and bounced back with a bang with the Bajaj Pulsar Motorcycle which is at present leading the market.

Mr. Rahul Bajaj was chosen for Raja Sabha in 2006 with the support of three parties the NCP, BJP, and the Shiv Sena.