Peet’s Coffee Franchise Opportunity: Cost, Process & Profit

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Do you want to open a Peet’s Coffee franchise in your locality? If Yes, here we have collected all the important information required by you.

Peet’s Coffee is a popular coffee roast and retail chain based in the San Francisco city of northern California, United States. The coffee retailer enjoys a high degree of customer patronage and loyalty in the country.

Peet’s Coffee & Tea was founded by the late Dutch-American businessman named Alfred Peet in the year 1966 at Berkely city of California.

The company is owned by a Luxembourg based corporation named JAB Holding Company since 2012 after buying it for a $977.6 million investment. JAB Holding owns several other subsidiaries including Caribou Coffee chain and Krispy Kreme.

Peet’s Coffee has multiple products including freshly roasted beans, brewed coffee, espresso beverages, and even bottled cold brew sold over 200 locations in the United States. The company has also branched in China where it opened a store in Shanghai city.

Peet’s Coffee is now available in more than 15000 convenience stores, distributors, and universities of America. Headquartered in Emeryville, California, Peet’s Coffee has employed somewhere around 5000 people.

Alfred Peet before laying the foundation of Peet’s Coffee at Berkeley used to work in his father’s coffee roasting business. He at a very young age had learned to roast and grind coffee from his father.

Alfred went to London when he was just 18 years old boy where he found a job in Twinings coffee and tea company. He moved to Berkely city of the United States where he in the year 1966 opened his first coffee beans retail shop and after twelve years {1979} was bought by Sal Bonavita.

Opening a Peet’s Coffee franchise could be a big opportunity for entrepreneurs to own a coffee roasting business. But unfortunately, aspiring candidates would not be able to own a Peet’s Coffee franchise as the company doesn’t franchise its business.

NamePeet’s Coffee
Foundation year1966
FounderAlfred Peet