Importance of Travel and Tourism Industry

The travel and tourism industry helps a nation in a lot of different ways. Some to mention are gross domestic product {GDP} becomes strong, employment generation, the welfare of citizens is improved, and most importantly local art, culture, and architecture are promoted to others.

When it’s said that the travel and tourism sector of India is flourishing, it points to the fact more and more tourists are paying their visits to our country. They don’t come here with empty pockets rather bring in a lot of money to spend on transportation, hotels, retail stores, restaurants, and rentals.

People who own or work with these business establishments, therefore, are allowed to make their income. When people earn income, their living standards and welfare is improved as they become able to spend money on goods and services.

The business owners become liable to pay taxes towards the ruling government on revenues they generate while serving tourists and employees pay income taxes on their income they make while rendering their work to their business owners.

All the revenue made by business establishments on selling products and rendering services by employees at the end of the day adds to our economic development as our governments are empowered to spend it on the development of other sectors, develop our infrastructure, defense, and pay salaries to government workers.

The most important benefit of a well-structured travel and tourism industry is that we are allowed to promote our local art, culture, and architecture to the world. Promotion attracts more and more people to a particular destination, paving way for the creation of more jobs for people.

A well-developed travel and tourism industry also assures employment generation for job seekers. People are able to find their jobs in hotels, restaurants, rental shops, museums, and other establishments that serve the needs of tourists.

In conclusion, these were a few reasons why it is important to infuse development in our tourism and travel industry. We would not only be able to provide employment to our jobless youth but also can bring strength to our other sectors with the help of revenue we generate from tourists.

Turkey is a living example in front of us. The country that was nowhere a decade or so ago is close to becoming a developed nation soon in the world because of its constant focus on the development of its travel and tourism industry. We have a lot of lessons to learn from Turkey and other similar nations that have made progress as a result of their travel and tourism industry.

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