How to Start a Gift Basket Making Business

Gift giving personalized baskets are becoming increasingly popular. They can be made for any occasion, such as a Super Bowl Party made with summer sausages and cheeses with novelty football candy or a birthday basket made with cupcakes, balloons, and party hats. You can even create a basket for patients in the hospital filled with rolled magazines and hard candy.

Skills Needed

Skills which would be helpful to a person who wants to begin a gift basket business includes some knowledge of crafting. You need to know the basic of floral arranging. Some of the best baskets use the form of traditional floral arrangements in their placement inside the basket. You should also know which floral tools you will need to create the baskets and how to use them. Another skill which would be helpful is how to make bows for the baskets. There is an art in making handmade bows. Other skills which will be an asset are organizational skills, customer service skills, and marketing skills.


When getting started in this business it is best to use restraint and not buy more than you need to begin. At first, you may not be able to offer all basket themes. This is all right. Set a budget for what you can afford to purchase to begin your business and do not go a dollar over.

You will need to buy several different sizes of baskets. You will need to decide where in your house you will build your baskets. Do you have an adequate size work table? You will need crafting tools, shrink wrapper, heat gun, and a glue gun.

Owning a car would be good for this business. You could calculate the gas used for offering a delivery service and add a delivery charge to the total of the order. People love to receive gifts at the office or hospital.


Beginning a gift basket business is excellent for those who have a creative mind and good marketing skills. People love these baskets because they are personal and unique.

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