What Do you Need to Open a Tattoo Shop

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People especially young generation loves

Opening a tattoo shop business is a perfect choice for a person who loves tattoo art, likes to perform tattoo designs on the bodies of their friends and has a desire to make money out of it. In order to operate a successful tattoo shop, you will constantly need to invent or come up with new interesting tattoo designs. If you have a good imagination and you have a talent for drawing tattoo images, then most likely you won’t have any problems.

Getting started

Let’s see what you require to begin your own tattoo business. Firstly, you will need to build a tattoo portfolio. Many people, visiting the tattoo making shop, bring pictures with them, but in order to avoid embarrassing situations with clients who want to choose from your assortment of pictures, you need to fill the magazine with the most memorable images. In extreme cases, find interesting images on the Internet.

Next, get your permits and other important legal documents. Rent a shop. A tattoo shop does not necessarily have to be located in the city center, it can be run on the outskirts as well. As a rule, if there are very few good tattoo shops in the city, then it is not wise to move towards the outskirts. But make sure that you make a good impression of yourself as the word of mouth will work easily for you.

Purchase all necessary equipment and consumables for your tattoo shop. Hire a tattoo master if you lack skill. Moreover, a small amount of money should be invested in advertising your salon business in the area.

Startup costs

Where do your expenses go while you start a tattoo business has been mentioned in the below.

  • Shop rent may cost you around $100 – 300, depending upon the rates charged in your location.
  • About $50-100 might need to be spent on obtaining permits.
  • Equipment expenditure might be around $ 1000-2500.
  • Consumables expenses won’t cost you much, hardly from $ 150 – 300.
  • Salary for a tattoo master could sum up to the amount from $ 250 – $400 a month.
  • Advertisement costs could range from $80 – $150.

The total amount needed by you for opening a tattoo shop could be from $1500-$3000.

Revenue potential

Generally, a tattoo business pays off within 3-6 months of time. A turnover of $1000-$3000 per month can be generated provided you don’t offer low-quality services and there is not a fall in people’s interest in tattoos. Your net profit a month could be around $500-1$000.