How to Make Your Office More Eco-Friendly

It’s easy to think that American businesses are being responsible when it comes to preserving natural resources. After all, 90 percent of them recycle in some form or another. But when you take a closer look, there are plenty of small ways companies can cut back on waste and reduce their carbon footprint. Here are three ideas to get you started:

Bring out the bins

Decreasing your environmental impact can be as easy as adding recycling bins for items such as paper, bottles, and cans. The EPA estimates that 80 to 90 percent of office waste can be recycled, yet the majority of paper waste goes straight into the trash. Encouraging employees to recycle materials everywhere from the copy room to the break room will help you limit unnecessary waste.

Revamp your restrooms

Many companies are flushing potential savings down the drain and wasting valuable resources in the process. By adding automatic sensor-based faucets and hand dryers, you’re cutting down on both water and paper use.

High-efficiency electric hand dryers have a smaller environmental impact than their paper counterparts, and faucets with infrared sensors prevent accidental water waste.

Installing high-efficiency toilets also makes a big difference. These devices consume up to 20 percent less water, meaning large companies will see the savings add up quickly.

Ditch disposable cups

Styrofoam, paper, or plastic cups are common in most office break rooms, sitting innocently next to coffee machines and water coolers. However, with many employees using multiple cups per day, the environmental (and fiscal) impact can quickly escalate.

Instead of using disposable cups, consider giving each employee a company-branded travel mug. A “no disposable cups” policy will reduce waste, and as an added bonus, a branded travel mug can spark conversation about your company when your employees take their coffee on the go.

Your company doesn’t have to take a major leap to be more environmentally conscious. Making some small changes can help conserve the earth and your budget.

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