How to Become a Life Coach

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Bring happiness in the lives of others by becoming a life coach. A life coach is someone who is employed to improve the quality of their client’s life by providing professional advice for subject matters including career, health, and personal relationships.

Some life coaches provide a broad spectrum of advice and counseling for their clients. Other coaches choose one area to specialize in their practice. For example, some specialties may be time management or even leadership training. Become a life coach and enjoy a life of helping people discover the potential they never knew they had.

Get educated

People who want to become a life coach possess the qualities of a good listener and thrive on helping people. To be able to offer your services as a consultant, you will have to become certified through The International Coach Federation. This is the only organization which can certify people to become a life coach.

Attending workshops and seminars are very helpful. You can become familiar with other consultants and get expert advice on how to be successful in a life coaching business. Seminars give advice to their attendees on the steps in order to reach their goals.

If you already possess a master’s degree in counseling, then it would be very helpful for you in this business. This is especially good because you will gain practical and theoretical experience in how to consult with people one-on-one. This degree doesn’t necessarily provide information specifically related to this career choice, but it is helpful to have this knowledge.


Decide if you want to be a consultant in a broad area or specialize in a specific area. Life coaching requires a variety of knowledge to counsel clients in every aspect of their life. Career counselors help clients by helping them to find the right career choice for them. If you network with someone already functioning as a life coach in the specific field of your choice, then approach this person and ask if you can become an apprentice.