How Do you Start Paper Shredding Business

Paper shredding services are booming as people want to destroy their documents containing sensitive information amid growing data concerns in the whole world. There are various ways to offer your paper shredding services to your clients – business owners, government departments, and private individuals in your city.

Paper shredding business follows a simple business model, a heavy-duty or commercial strength shredder is taken to the premises of clients {usually using a trolley} where a service provider sets up his shredder and earns money by destroying their record documents. The leftover paper is removed and disposed of carefully once the job is done. Make arrangements for these requirements to start your paper shredding business.

Required skills

Owning a confidential paper shredding business luckily does not need you a formal education but having a professional image, time management, and most importantly scheduling skills are very much critical to your overall business success.

Equipment & Costs

The primary piece of equipment you require to offer paper shredding services is a heavy-duty shredder that costs you an amount between $300 – $500 of money.

You will also need a trolley which has to be used for loading and unloading your shredder machine and other consumables from your vehicle. Some amount of your startup budget, depending on your selection, will go for a computer printer, fax, and a telephone. Your other investments include garbage bags, office supplies, making business cards and other promotional materials to advertise your paper shredding services.

It is also a good idea that you get insurance in order to indemnify your business against any loss you may accidentally cause to your client’s properties while you shred their paper documents. The total startup costs including your equipment and office supplies could range from $4000-$8000.

Service fee & earnings

A typical paper shredding business charges its clients on a per-visit basis. The price varies as it depends on the volume of paper needed to be shredded by you. Your business overheads will be low while working from a home location and you could calculate fees based on an hourly rate of around $30 per hour. Don’t forget to consider your time for traveling and disposal while you calculate your total fees. Your potential earnings for providing on-site paper shredding services could be from $20000-$40000 a year.