Forever 21 Franchise Opportunity: Cost, Process & Profit

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Are you obsessed with fashion and would want to open a fast-fashion business? If Yes, opening a Forever 21 franchise could be worth your investment.

All successful companies have some reasons for their popularity and Forever 21 is no different. The three main reasons that have made people especially the millennial generation to fall in love with Forever 21 have been identified as listening to customers, quick action than like businesses, and making available trendy clothes relatively at fair prices.

In times past Forever 21 used to serve women only while selling them home goods, clothing, and beauty products. However, it has now added menswear to its product category as well.

Teens love Forever 21

It is no secret that almost all teens love to experiment and influence their peers with new and sexy looks. In fact, nothing pleases their heart more than stylish clothing. Even low-quality clothes with better looks suit their feelings. There are perhaps no like companies that can match Forever 21 to meet the same needs of teenagers.

Forever 21 history

Forever 21 was launched by a South Korean born couple namely Do Won Chang and Jin Sook at Los Angeles of California city on 21st April 1984 after they came to live in the United States. They choose the “Fashion 21″ name to their newly launched startup. However, the chain was given a new name ” Forever 21 ” after a couple of years.

The fashion chain today owns more than 600 stores in many countries with a high presence in the UNITED STATES, and the UNITED KINGDOM. Forever 21 has stretched its reach in Asia and the Middle East as well.

Forever 21 was also haunted by several controversies. Some of the main controversies landed by Forever 21 include violation of labor practices, copyright issues, and the t-shirt controversy being the recent one. The company back in December month of 2004 found success in settling labor practice issues and even pulled back stock of inappropriate t-shirts.

Franchise information

While you may not like to hear it, we can’t afford to hide the truth that Forever 21 doesn’t trade franchise. The fashion chain has even stated on its website that they don’t offer franchise opportunities. The company will grow and launch stores while using its own strategies.

In conclusion, Forever 21 gives no chance to the aspirants who are scattered all over the world to become its franchisees. If we missed including any information you would have sought, use the comment box below to share your thoughts.