60 Best Small Business Ideas for Teenagers & Kids

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Days have long gone when only adult business ownership used to prevail in our communities. Mark Zuckerberg, Ashley Qualls, Juliath Brindak, etc are all examples of great teenage entrepreneurs.

They have proved it practically that even teens and kids can find success in entrepreneurship.

Teen entrepreneurship is growing at a faster rate in the world. The growing fear of the abysmal job market concerns many concerns that make kids and teens think about taking the entrepreneurial path in advance.

They are matured enough to handle all aspects of a business. Here are 60 top best small business opportunities for teenagers and youth with self-reliant personality:

1. Academic Tutor

As a teen, if you happen to be best in specific subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science, etc., then you may help those students who fail to understand them properly on their own.

2. Art Jewellery

If you’re lucky to have a creative mind, then we recommend you to use fabrics, stones, plastic, etc. to make art jewelry.

3. Blogging

If you possess some art or knowledge that people would love to read, blogging could prove a great way to monetize your passion.

4. Babysitting Service

If playing with kids pleases your heart more than anything else, then we think you’re in an excellent position to deliver babysitting services to many working-class parents out there.

5. Childcare Services

Similarly, if you love to hang with children, then a growing number of working parents offer you an excellent opportunity to open a child care business.

6. Craft Fair Business

If you are a person who loves to artify attractive prints and paintings, then you may sell them at your local art shows.

7. Chocolate Making

There is nothing that can sweeten the teeth of children and teens other than a bar of chocolate. Therefore, if you also love chocolates, then opening a chocolate making business is a perfect choice.

8. Cookies Making

Or, as a teen, you may plunge into cookies making business; after all, who better than you know the pleasing moment cookies provide to children.

9. Candle Making

No one would ever celebrate Christmas, birthdays, or any other religious event without candles. Since these events happen to occur every year, it is worth to open a candle making business.

10. Web Design Services

No business owner can negate the importance of the web interface in today’s online world. A website has become an indispensable part of their business’s identity.

Therefore, if you have web design skills, you could help these business folks have a virtual presence by delivering cost-effective custom website creation and designing services.

11. Cake Decoration 

Make weddings, birthday parties, and other special events more delightful by offering cake decoration services to them.

12. Car wash Service

Help many local car owners avoid expensive trips to service centers by starting a car wash service station in a roadside in your area.

13. House Cleaner 

Equip your hands with effective equipment such as vacuum cleaner, bucket, paper towel, dustpan etc to keep the houses of busy families tidy and spotless.

14. Commercial Cleaner 

In addition to house cleaning, you could offer cleaning services to local schools, hospitals, residential complexes, private companies etc and hence earn handful of extra money.

15. Errand Provider

Get hired by senior citizens as an errand provider to help them get groceries, take their parcels to the post office, take their items for repair etc

16. Lawn care Service

Provide lawn care services to help in keeping the lawns of local households beautifully maintained over the time.

17. Lawn care Technician 

Help the local lawn care service providers keep their equipment tuned by becoming a lawn care technician.

18. Dog Walker 

Perhaps you are in a fair position in becoming a professional dog walker if you enjoy spending time with pets.

19. House Sitter

Become a house sitter to take a variety of responsibilities such as security, cleaning, lawn maintenance, pet care etc on your shoulders.

20. Gift Wrap Service 

Earn pretty good amount of cash especially during gift giving occasions by offering gift wrapping services in your area.

21. Computer Setup 

If you posses required skills, you could offer computer setup services to help people setup their newly bought computers, laptops, tablets etc.

22. T-shirt Designer

Put you artwork into practice by designing and printing t-shirts and sell the output on various online stores.

23. Greeting card Maker

Give more exposure to your creativity by making best wishes greeting cards for various occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries etc

24. Party Entertainer

If you have a kind of fun personality, you could consider becoming a party entertainer and perform in parties to entertain the attending audience.

25. Pet Photographer

Become a pet photographer to specialise in creating fine art of portraits of birds, dogs, horses, cats like pets for local pet owners.

26. Graphic Designer

Work as a graphic designer to develop logos and various other designs as per the specifications of your clients.

27. Recycling Service

Save energy and help in lowering greenhouse gas emissions by giving new life to the waste we and you throw away daily.

28. Gift Basket Maker

If you are artistic by nature, consider making unique gift baskets for both individual gift giver and corporate clients.

29. Lemonade Stand 

As a teen or a kid, you might also be interested in making and handing over cups filled with lemonade to customers at your place.

30. House Painter 

Become a house painter to apply a variety of paints and finishes on the interior and exterior surfaces to make local houses aesthetically appealing.

31. Snow Removal

Mount a plow to your vehicle to clear away snow on local railway tracks, highways and rural roads.

32. Proofreader 

Assist in detecting and correcting spelling and grammatical errors by becoming a proofreader.

33. Paper Rounder

You might also accept the job of a paper rounder to deliver newspapers to a group of local homeowners.

34. Pressure Washer

Use high pressure water spray to help in removing grime, dust, mud, dirt, loose paint etc from vehicles, buildings etc

35. Gutter Cleaner 

If you have willingness to work in all weather conditions, becoming a gutter cleaner might be worth for it.

36. Window Cleaner 

Or, if you really have no fear of climbing heights whatsoever, then you could contemplate on becoming a window cleaner.

37. Moving Services

Help people and businesses in shifting goods from one location to another by offering moving services to them.

38. Up-cycling

Practice upcycling art to create new and useful furniture out of the old or waste objects that lie unnoticed in homes.

39. Sticker Maker

Make stickers to help businesses establishments attract attention of their target customers and build their brand image in the minds of their target customers.

40. Construction Cleaner

Take hold of construction cleaning services to help in leaving the construction sites spotlessly neat and clean.

41. Social Media Influencer

If a large audience on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter etc follows you, work as social media influencer to help companies promote their products and services.

42. Computer Repair Service

If you’re proficient enough in solving various hardware and software related problems, you may offer computer repair services.

43. Mobile Repair Service

Or, you could mull over on offering mobile repair services, if you are exceptionally skillful in bringing damaged mobile phones into usable forms.

44. Event Assistant 

Help event planners in producing proposals, identifying suitable venues, planning first aid and other amenities.

45. Aquarium Cleaner

Clear off rubbish to provide thriving habitat to fishes as a aquarium cleaner.

46. Dog Groomer

Or you can provide hygienic care and give baths to dogs to enhance their physical appearance as a dog groomer.

47. Worm Breeding 

Have fun and earn profit by raising earthworms for various commercial purposes.

48. Cat toy maker

If you are a cat lover then you may make and sell cat toys for higher profits.

49. Hair bow maker

With hair bows and clips seeing popularity among celebrates and ordinary people, you can also make and sell hair bows.

50. Make pet treats

With owners looking for healthier options for their pets, you can mull over becoming a pet treat maker.

51. Scrapbook maker

Create scrapbooks to let people stick and preserve their pictures, certificates, drawings etc

52. Feeder maker

If you like working with wood, then find and get the wood scraps from cabinet manufactures to make feeders.

53. Sports coach 

With an immense love for a certain sport one could enjoy working as a sports coach in an academy or start one of his own where aspirants are helped out to learn sports skills.

54. Freelance photographer 

Sell your photos on sites like Shutterstock, Istockphoto etc that offer you a golden opportunity to monetise your photography hobby.

55. Logo Artist

Harness your creative potential in creating logos to help companies position their unique identity in the minds of their customers.

56. Sell organic vegetables

With people switching to organic vegetables in an effort to live a healthier life, you can grow and sell organic vegetables.

57. Sell Art online

If you want making extra from your work as an artist then internet throws tons of ways to accomplish that.

58. Moving company

Let people (looking towards shifting to new homes) relax by offering services as professional mover to them.

59. Proofreader 

As a proof reading professional, find errors that need to be corrected before processing text copies for printing.

60. Sell event tickets

Determine and sell tickets at a fair price to people who are interested in attending events.