6 Best Business ideas with Great potential in Albania

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Albania was once considered one of the poorest countries in Europe. However, it has become a developing nation after embracing economic reforms over the years.

The country has not only a growing market but also a great reservoir of a talented workforce. So, if you are looking for investment opportunities to invest your money in Albania, here are some profitable small business ideas to start in Albania.

Tourist guide business

Albania is one of those European nations mostly popular for tourism attractions. The country has over a million tourist visits on an annual basis. A place receiving tourists in such numbers should be a good place for a tourist guide business. You need to have good skills to interact with tourists and show them places of their interest in Albania.

Fish farming

Albania has also a great potential for fish farming as there is a large reservoir of water bodies. Entrepreneurs can use available water bodies to raise a variety of fish for food in Albania. Carp, mullet, turbot, etc. are some fish species they can raise and sell for a profit in Albania.

Open a restaurant

Albania’s working population is growing fast, and so does their need to eat out in restaurants. You can serve a variety of meals including Albania’s popular dish Tave Kosi in your restaurant. All you need to start a restaurant in Albania is a rental shop and cooking skills. You will also be ensuring its decoration and a proper arrangement of tables and chairs for customers.

Food delivery app

Many working professionals in Albania would want food delivery at their homes and office spaces. So, you can also create a smartphone application to help people order and get their favorite food delivered at their chosen locations in Albania.

Computer institute  

Albania’s IT infrastructure is improving day by day. Banks, corporations, agencies, etc. are constantly adapting to the advanced information technology in Albania. So, youth who look for jobs in Albania’s IT industry would want to be trained in computer operations and works. So, you can also open a computer institute in Albania to impart knowledge about computer courses.  

Lap desk Maker

Lap desks are used by laptop users in order to avoid various possible health problems arising from the overheating of laptops. It is interesting to learn that laptop users have grown in number and so does their demand for lap desks. If you are a woodworker, you could make and sell your own designs of lap desks to your laptop users.