The automotive industry has experienced a big change over the years. Its tremendous growth is largely linked with the rising need for convenience and time-saving journeys.

The automotive industry has been constantly sending us brand new cars, passenger buses, goods carrier trucks, and motorcycles. Even the ever-increasing aftermarket services including maintenance and repair reflect how big the automotive industry has grown. Here are 40 automotive business ideas to help you tap into the growing automobile market.

1. Auto repair service

The more automobiles hit the roads, the more the demand for auto repair and maintenance services such as oil change, scratch removals, etc.

Aspiring individuals with skills to perform such repairs and maintenance works can hence make money while starting an auto repair shop in their respective locations.

Focus on a niche until you reach a time when you have accumulated enough revenue to expand your auto repair business.

2. Auto electrician

If you have completed an apprenticeship program under the supervision of a relevant expert, then become an automotive electrician to detect, install and repair electrical system problems of vehicles.

3. Auto technician

Choose to embrace the profession of an auto technician and work for local auto repair service providers if you’re skilled enough to inspect, maintain and repair faulty cars and their components.

4. Auto parts seller

Complement the work of auto technicians to make faulty vehicles get back into original shape by selling automotive spare parts and related accessories.

5. Automobile trader

Become an automotive or automobile trader to engage yourself in buying and selling of new and used automobiles to the local people.

6. Auto detailing

Offer auto detailing services to help people restore their vehicles back to their original internal as well as external conditions.

7. Open a car wash business

Though giving a proper wash to a car is a task of few minutes, yet many car owners especially those who are ever busy want it to be done by others, hence rolling out an opportunity in the form of a car wash business.

What you got to have to get started with a car wash business is the balance for buying car wash equipment and of course a location with good vehicular traffic passing by.

A mobile car wash business model has received huge customer patronage from the last several years, thanks to the ever-increasing use of the internet and mobile applications. What you would be typically doing is delivering car wash services at the homes and offices of car owners.

8. Provide a cab service

Gone are the days when people had to waste time in the wait of a public bus. The emergence of cab service has changed that totally.

People can now decide the time and the place of their pickup as well as the time and the place of drop off on their smartphones. This is where you could benefit yourself while launching a cab service business.

You have two ways to operate a cab service business. One is working in association with the e-hailing service providers such a BMW Group, Daimler, Lyft, Uber, Ola, etc and another way is none other than launching your own cab service. However, in the latter business model, you need a mobile app and of course tremendous marketing efforts.

9. Haulage Business

Where there is a need for transporting commercial goods, there is a defined demand for a haulage service business and your place probably won’t be different.

You will be typically involved in the commercial transport of goods such as raw materials, machines, equipment, dirt, rocks, building material, etc from one area to another if you start a haulage business.

10. School bus service

Despite being an open fact that majority of private schools do have their own transport facility, yet you will find many that are devoid of such a facility. What you have to do if you are interested in starting a school bus service business is to research and then contract with schools that are in need of a school bus service in your area.

11. Car Rental Business

If you live in or near a tourist place, offer your car for rent to help tourists enjoy moving and exploring the city in their own style and convenience.

12. Open a Driving School

There are many out there who seek proper guidance and training so that they could drive safely right from the beginning. Hence starting a driving school is a great opportunity for those folks who have sound experience in driving.

13. Computerized Wheel Alignment

Today almost all car owners turn towards computerized wheel alignment and balancing shops, after all, such moves save their precious time. Therefore, if you have an adequate investment, then consider starting your own wheel alignment business at your local place.

14. Denting & Painting 

Denting and painting is the cheapest business to start in the automotive industry. However, what is necessary to run a thriving denting and painting business is that you must have skills to remove dents out of the auto body that arises as a result of collisions or accidents and use spraying equipment and supplies to help vehicle owners in bringing back their impression. You also need to look for a good location.

15. Tire repair business 

Take drivers out of danger by repairing and replacing the problematic tires of their vehicles. In addition, you may open a tire retail shop to sell new tires to vehicle owners to bag up more profits to complement your income.

16. Battery Technician

Inspect, repair and replace the faulty vehicle batteries by taking the job of a battery technician on your shoulders.

17. Brake Technician

Take the path of a brake technician to diagnose, determine and correct common brake problems, repair and replace faulty brakes, etc

18. Battery Reconditioning 

Offer battery reconditioning services to help car owners bring back or restore their old batters back to their original capacity

19. Driving Instructor 

If you have sufficient driving experience, you could be interested in becoming a driving instructor to get paid for teaching people to qualify their driving tests.

20. Engine Technician

Learn the skills of an engine repair technician to assess, maintain and repair faulty engines of both small and large vehicles.

21. Headlight Restoration

Offer headlight restoration services to utilize de-oxidizers to refinish foggy and aged headlights lenses of vehicles.

22. Dump Truck Rental 

Enable construction companies transport construction materials from one location to another by offering your dump truck for rent.

23. Food Truck Service

Onboard a truck(if you own one) with kitchen facilities to cook and sell food at construction sites or any other occasion.

24. Campus Shuttle Service

Operate a campus shuttle service to transport students and teaching staff from one campus to another campus in your locality.

25. Oil Change Service 

Start an oil change service business to help in keeping the vehicles running right by replacing the dirty oil with new and pure one.

26. Vehicle Tower 

If you own a truck, use it for transporting broken automobiles to the local and nearest garages for repair.

27. Automobile Designer 

You could also involve yourself in designing the interior and exterior appearance of automobiles.

28. Auto Upholsterer

Become an automobile upholsterer to make seats of automobiles more comfortable for sitting.

29. Tire Retailing

In addition, you may open a tire retail shop to sell new tires to vehicle owners to bag up more profits to complement your income.

30. Windshield Repair

Facilitate the service of windshield repair to help in restoring the structural unity of the respective vehicle.

31. Mobile Mechanic 

Get your contact number visible on the web to get called upon by those people who want you to fix their vehicles at their homes, offices and even on roads.

32. Tire Retreading 

Eliminate and replace worn-out treads to extend the lifetime of vehicle tires while launching a tire retreading business.

33. AC Repair 

Find and fix problematic air conditioners to help vehicle owners enjoy cool and comfortable rides.

34. Sell used cars

Negotiate used cars at cheap prices, get them repaired by a mechanic and then sell them to people.

35. Sell used parts 

Buy and break apart the discarded cars to remove out the parts that are useful.

36. Gas station

Starting a gas station is another viable automotive business opportunity since people look forward to the best alternatives to reduce down the negative impact unleashed by petrol and diesel on the environment.

37. Bike repair service 

Work under a senior technician for a minimal of 1 year to learn skills that are necessary for delivering bike repair service.

38. Bike Rental

Or, you can start offering bike rental service to travelers if you own a fleet of bikes.

39. Automotive blogger

You may also like to become an automotive blogger to leverage your knowledge and expertise in the automotive industry.